Factors to consider when choosing the best epilator


Epilators remove hair right from its root without much pain. When you compare these with waxing and electrolysis, you can hardly call these painful. In a matter of minutes, you get a soft skin which would last longer as the epilators retard the growth of hair. There are different styles of epilators available, and each can fit into your purse easily. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best epilator.

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You should always choose products that are specifically designed for your hair. Items that are designed to remove coarse, stubborn bikini hairs should never be used on the face. Although you can wax both your face and your bikini, different waxes and waxing strips are applied to these very different areas of skin.

Types of epilators

You can choose either of the three based on your skin needs and purposes. Spring type epilators, as the name suggests, are designed with coil springs in such a way that on one side, the coils are compressed together tightly, whereas, on the other side, the coils are loosely apart. The inbuilt motor triggers the rotation of the spring which pulls out hair when in contact with the skin.

Rotating disc type epilators have more or less the same features as that of spring type epilators besides the fact that the former make use of metal discs instead of spring. Multiple metal plates housed in a plastic body at the head of the epilator move together and away per revolution, creating a tweezer-like effect. This pulls put the hair easily with continuous activities of gripping, pulling, extracting and discarding the hair.


You can choose epilators based on a number of features such as cordless, rechargeable, corded, wet and dry, massage function, 3 in 1 models and so on. To use it in a bathroom, you can get cordless or rechargeable epilators for convenience. You can also get corded ones, which need to be plugged into a power source when in use. Epilators work best on a dry skin when compared to wet skin.

Brands of epilator

Consider brands of epilator which cater to the aspect of massaging your skin to soothe your skin. Some of the models come in a set consisting of a trimmer and shaver to improve the epilated skin.
Thus, while looking for the best epilator, you need to consider factors like type, price, brand, purpose, number of tweezers and so on. Epilators can be easily dismantled, and if something is wrong with a particular part, you can get it replaced quickly by purchasing it online.