The history of the wristwatch


A watch is an important part of many people’s lives. It shows the time and helps people get to their appointments and other places they want to get to on time. Without going into too many technical details let us take a look at some history and then an omega watches review so you can buy a watch that suits you.

The historybtj;felk

The invention of the portable watch is often credited to Peter Henlein a 15th-century clockmaker from Nuremberg. He made little clocks that were worn around the neck like a pendant. In fact, this was the first timepiece to be worn on the body. However, other German clockmakers were making mini clocks during the same period, and there is no concrete evidence to determine that he was the first.

The watch

The watch was made as a mechanical device right up until the 20th century. It used a mechanism that involved winding a spring which turned the gears and then rotated the hands. During the 1960’s is when the quartz watch came into existence. Since then most of the watches are electrically operated. However, mechanical watches still sell in the high-end market.

The modern wristwatch

Today you can find watches of various styles, designs and mechanisms. Some work on batteries, kinetic energy, heat, solar but there are ones that are still wound manually or use an automatic winding system. Depending on your taste and budget, you can select one that matches your needs.


itghjfkThe price of a watch can vary tremendously. You can find watches for one dollar on the corner of your street, but you can also buy one for five million dollars or even more. Watches like the Omega brand are very famous for their accuracy and longevity. They have been around for many years and is well known by any watch enthusiast. If you want to purchase a watch for your perfsonal use, you will have to decide on your budget. If you want one for everyday use, you can get a timepiece that runs on battery or an automatic one.


A watch is an important device that helps us stay on time no matter what we do. If they are mechanical ones, they are in fact works of art and require expert craftsmanship to make. If you need one, buy one that will tell the time and also make you look good in the process.